Teamwork Still Makes the Dream Work

February 3, 2021

It’s no secret I’m cheering for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chief’s this Sunday. If Mahomes is not going to wear the star at least he gives Cowboys fans another team to cheer for (at least until next year when it’s our year)!

Visualize the Super Bowl for a moment. After all the pre-game hoopla, the teams begin to walk down the tunnel to make their grand entrance onto the field. The Buccaneers in one tunnel and the Chiefs in another. But wait, Mahomes is the only Chief there! The entire Buccaneers team runs on to the field but Mahomes is the only Chief to make that lope. He’s by himself during the coin flip while the Bucs are represented by a committee. Now it’s game time and Mahomes is the only Chief to line up to play! The camera pans into the stands and we see all of his teammates watching!

How ridiculous would that be? I know Mahomes is good but there’s no way he can win the game all by himself! Yet, that’s often how the church looks. One person takes the field while everyone else watches from the bleachers.

I hope you’ve been following our Rules of the New Normal message series. If so, you’re aware of Rule #4: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. It takes a team. A village. A community. All of us working together to fulfill the mission of the church.

We are not created to be spiritual consumers but contributors. The church doesn’t exist for us. We are the church and we exist for the world! We are called to work in God’s church and as His church.

So, this Sunday, are you playing or watching?


P.S. It’s Super Sunday! Whether joining us in-person or online, wear your favorite jersey and get ready to celebrate!