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Pull Up a Chair

AUG 9-30, 2020

It seems like our culture is in a downward spiral. Our communities feel more fractured, polarized, and divided than ever before. Turn on the TV and find pundits yelling at each other. Check your social media and find friends vilifying those they disagree with. How are we supposed to respond? Is there a way to find an alternative between two extremes? Jesus teaches us how to rise above the division in a better way – a way to bring hope and healing to wounded people, fractured relationships, and divided communities. So take off the gloves, step out of the ring, and stop inflicting intentional blows only to win a fight. Instead, pull up a chair. Engage in gracious conversation, be kind, truly listen to others, share truth in an honorable way, and be an agent of love in the face of so much pain and hate.


Conversations with various individuals/families where you are invited to “pull up a chair” and listen in on a life perspective that may be different from yours. Listen on your favorite podcast app!

Messages in this Series

Be Self Giving | Pull Up a Chair | Week 4
Be Bold | Pull Up a Chair | Week 3
Be Present | Pull Up a Chair | Week 2
Be Kind | Pull Up a Chair | Week 1