Quest Restorations Ministries

February 5, 2020

Quest Restoration Ministries

Doug and Mary Kay Stone

Quest Restorations Ministries is a 501c(3) founded in 2008. Our mission is to walk with people on journeys of restoration. We offer help to those working through life’s painful struggles, including Destiny Discovery, relationship healing, spiritual direction, and addiction recovery.

Describe your relationship to Aldersgate Church

We have the honor of serving Aldersgate members for many years and have many long-term friendships within the church family. We consistently serve individuals and families through life coaching and counseling ministries at low or no charge.

Can you share with us a story of someone who has been changed by your ministry?

We love to serve ministry leaders and missionaries! We had a pastor and wife who went through a rough time resulting in addiction and possible loss of their calling. They came is such brokenness and Jesus met them with great love and healing. After two years, they are restored. Roots of childhood abuse healed. They know how to use their tools for successful life, relationships and recovery. They are serving powerfully in ministry in a greater capacity than ever before!

Please tell us how we can pray for your ministry?

Please pray for continued wisdom and energy to care for our clients and their families. Pray for the healing love of Jesus to penetrate hearts with new life and freedom. We constantly have a waiting list and recently added two new volunteer coaches. Pray for them to have great love and protection as they minister.