YWAM - The Cowens

January 8, 2020

Describe your relationship to Aldersgate Church

"Bennett Cowen grew up in the youth group as well as serving in the youth group and with the children’s ministry at various times. Aldersgate has faithfully supported their family from the beginning of their time with YWAM (2013), from being students in DTS, through leading DTS as school leaders and outreach leaders, and throughout their time on staff on the Salem campus and now abroad in Africa."

Can you share with us a story of someone who has been changed by your ministry?

"Our ministry in Salem was dedicated mainly to training and sending missionaries with the purpose of discipling all nations. We primary did this through staffing different training school like the fundamental Discipleship Training School. While staffing one of these schools, Tiffany led one of her students to the Lord, helping her understand the commitment of giving her life to Jesus and continuing to be obedient to His Word. She asked forgiveness for a mistake made in her past that ended in the termination of a pregnancy. This student grew in her love for the Lord and understanding of His ways, learning to hear His voice and pursue the truth found in His Word. In the time after completing her DTS, this student became pregnant again, but this time committed to a healthy pregnancy and has a beautiful baby boy. Her, her baby and the father continue to seek community with their local church as they grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and how to obey his commands."

Please tell us how we can pray for your ministry?

"We could always use prayer for good health (especially for our children), wisdom as we are establishing ourselves in our community and making friendships, safety in regards to the government, and favor as we steward finances and are learning how to budget and navigate finances in a foreign currency with a culture of a different worldview on money and business practices. We would also love prayer for our team: for unity, grace for each other, love for each other, the mind of Christ, and defense against the attacks of the enemy. Right now, our team is 2 families, each with 2 small children. Specifically, we are still researching ways to obtain residency or a workers visa, and our best option is through opening a small business or working at an established business (with other ministry workers like ourselves). Tiffany has a meeting soon with a local business ran by other workers to see if she can assist as an office assistant, in particularly as an accounting assistant because of her experience directing and serving in the Accounting Office at the Salem Campus for 3 years. It is not just a skill but a passion, and she would love to use it here to serve this ministry. We have a team of friends from Salem coming in early 2020 to scout out our location and ministry because they are interested in joining our long-term team. Please pray they would hear God speak clearly about whether or not this is the opportunity God has for them. We would love to see our team grow! Our heart is to see the Kingdom of God come more fully in our country and we want as many people as possible to help make this a reality."