Love the Hub Impact

July 22, 2020

Thank you for giving to the Love the Hub Fund! To date, the fund has received over $70,000 and we have given out more than $35,000 to 35 different families!

We launched the Love the Hub campaign on Easter Sunday as a way to provide financial assistance to those directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A team was prayerfully assembled and they have met faithfully each week to review every request. Your gifts have primarily been used to help individuals and families pay their rent/mortgage, keep their utilities turned on, and provide food and other appropriate resources as needed.

  • Because of you, families have been able to keep a roof over their head.
  • Because of you, air conditioning is a reality for many during these hot summer days.
  • Because of you, an electrician was able to get the tools he needed to start his new job.
  • Because of you, a one-car family was able to get repairs so the husband could continue to work.
  • Because of you, a family got internet service so their children could complete their assignments.
  • Because of you, a family with an infestation of bed bugs is now able to sleep peacefully.

Because of you, so many have found hope!  Thank you for giving!


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