Grace Campus

February 9, 2020

Grace Campus

The mission of Grace Campus is to inspire hope, instill value, and equip the homeless in our community. It is our desire for every person that comes through out gates to realize their life has purpose and meaning. Grace Campus not only provides temporary shelter for the homeless in Lubbock, but also comes alongside these individuals helping them realize their potential and ability to live an independent life that positively contributes to society.

Describe your relationship to Aldersgate Church

Paul’s Project (501c3) originated at Aldersgate. The ministry provided through Paul’s Project is a direct result of Aldersgate, as well as a live example of Connecting people to God, Loving others, and Impacting the world. We found ourselves challenged to go into the world and do good in the name of Jesus. The mission that weighed the most on our heart was to help the homeless and the incarcerated. Because of that, we started the Impact Campus, and at the same time, started preparing food to feed one hundred people on the streets of Lubbock every Saturday. We did all this using the kitchen at Aldersgate, as well as the copier/printer. We are thankful that Aldersgate was our first donor, and therefore, planted the seed that has enabled us to help hundreds of people in our four-year existence. Our continued partnership over the years has been instrumental in the work that we do. Beyond that, we have had many board members who are owners at Aldersgate, of which we currently have two.

Can you share with us a story of someone who has been changed by your ministry?

Brandon came to us with absolutely nothing but the clothes on his back. He was in recovery from a meth addiction and had no hope of any future that he could see worth living for. In his words, we were his last chance. We spent a great deal of time working with him to help deal with the day to day struggles of life. Once we had him cleaned up, feeling safe and employed we were able to focus even more on his spiritual life. It took persistence and vulnerability on everyone’s part, but Brandon eventually came to believe and realize that he was God’s child and that he had purpose in this world. The most immediate change that we saw in him was a gradual development of a positive outlook, as well as a happiness that we had not witnessed in him before. Not to be misunderstood, this was not a completely smooth process. Brandon did, at times, struggle with our intentions, as well as falter from time to time. However, we stuck with him and addressed things as they surfaced. He has told us many times since that our consistency and nonjudgmental love are what helped him to see Christ, as well as to get through that roller coaster of a time. We are happy to report that now, Brandon uses his experiences and life to teach others that as long as they are breathing, there is hope. He speaks openly about his salvation. He knows that without Jesus, he was hopeless. It is a beautiful thing to see someone use the lowest point of their life to lift others up out of their own pits of despair. This is just one of the many life transformations that we have been blessed to witness at Grace Campus.

Please tell us how we can pray for your ministry?

We ask that you pray for provision in all areas. Also, please pray for wisdom. It can be difficult dealing with all of the issues that the people who come through our gates have. It takes a great deal of wisdom and discernment to do so and we ask for prayers for both. Please pray for those who would choose to help us through money, donations, or through physically volunteering. We need all of these things and we pray for protection and wisdom for those who have a willing heart to help. Please pray for each person who comes to us for help. There is so much brokenness and hurt in so many of them. Please pray that they find comfort, and ultimately, the peace of knowing Christ. Please pray for our staff. Please pray that we remain hopeful and that we are not discouraged because of what we see and deal with on a daily basis.