God is Still God

January 20, 2021

I hope you are following along with us in our “Rules of the New Normal” message series. Our lives have been disrupted and things are not going back to normal anytime soon. We are adjusting to a new way of going about our lives, work, and interactions with others in different ways. There are some rules that will help us adjust to the new normal, and come to find out, they might not be that new after all.

The Old Testament character Nehemiah is our guide as we walk through these rules. Last week he introduced us to Rule #1: There’s No Such Thing as Normal! And this week Nehemiah presented Rule #2: God is Still God! No matter how chaotic the world gets. God is still God! No matter how messy your little world gets. God is still God!

Because God is still God, we have three responses (Nehemiah 1:5-11):

1. Praise and Thanksgiving

Because God is still God, we have every reason to worship Him! No matter how confusing or chaotic the world gets, there is always something to give God thanks for. Where can you find time to connect with God today? What are you thankful for today?

2. Confession and Repentance

Because God is still God, we must take time to confess where we have been trying to be God. More specifically, we need to confess where we have wandered from God’s truth. Read ahead to Nehemiah 8-9 and discover how the people wept when they realized how far they had wandered from the truth. And pay special attention to how they repented. What do you need to confess today? Where do you need to repent today?

3. Request and Petition

Because God is still God, we can boldly ask for the desires of our hearts. He wants to hear our requests. He loves granting our requests! What do you have to ask of God today?

Ryan P.S. If you missed this week’s message you can catch it here!