Freedom in Jesus Ministries

January 26, 2020

Freedom in Jesus Ministries

Since 1985, Freedom in Jesus Prison Ministries has partnered with churches, private foundations and individuals to help fulfill their commitment to the commands of Jesus to “visit the prisoners” and help the “least of these” (Matthew 25:34-40).

Those offenders to whom FIJM teaches Christian discipleship principles while they are incarcerated have demonstrated a true desire to follow Jesus. Their successful re-entry to society is the key. But “hand-outs” are not the answer. Won’t you help us give them a good “leg-up” instead?

Please tell us how we can pray for your ministry?

  1. We are now strategic partners with Kingdom Towers, a men's Christian Residential Transitional Living Program whose capacity is 90 men. Most of them come to us directly from prison. We are in charge of coordinating all programming. Each man is required to go to at least two 1-hour classes per week .. We currently offer 9 courses weekly from which they may choose. This is wonderful new dimension to our ministry since we are now directly involved in the successful transition back into society of some of the men who gave their lives to Jesus in one of our services while in prison, and to whom we have been sending Christian Discipleship teachings every three months while they were incarcerated. Please pray for finances to help provide "Care Packages" to each man as they arrive, costs of Christian class programming, costs of decorative Christian-themed wall decor in the new 3- story building opened last May holding 47 apartments.
  2. Please pray for Donna Castleberry, wife of our President and Founder, Don Castleberry. Donna has severe symptoms diagnosed as dementia and requires an increasing amount of personal care and supervision. It has been very challenging for them in several ways.
  3. Please pray for God's perfect will for us regarding our desire to have a place like Kingdom Towers for women; and, a smaller, separate facility for men whose charges do not allow us to house them downtown at Kingdom Towers.
  4. Please pray for Don Castleberry and I to be led by the Holy Spirit daily in His wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
  5. Please pray for our teams to be totally surrendered to the work of the Holy Spirit in every service where we present the Gospel and/or teach Christian Discipleship so that God calls to Himself an increasing number of men and women to more maturity in the Body of Christ. So far this year over 1,200 men and women told us they accepted Jesus as their Savior. All Glory to God!
  6. Please pray for the $75,000 we need to print and distribute 30,000 copies of my new Daily Discipleship Field Guide, Diving Deeper: A Daily Leap into a Life More Abundant. We will ship these directly into over 600 prison in the U.S.
  7. Please pray for general incoming donation levels to· increase as we identify and execute more strategies for ministering to prisoners who Jesus includes in "the least of these."